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Blogging challenge, 50 blog posts in 5 months

I want to write 50 blog posts in 5 months

That makes it 10 blog posts a month and I want to have it done as soon as possible. While watching Ali Abdaal’s Skillshare class motivation strikes in as usual. I will not care how awfully written the blog posts are, only wish for the best, expect the worst.

My personal art hero Austin Kleon was blogging every day for a long period of time. Overall he is blogging for a more than a decade. He is still blogging I think every other day. He writes blogposts of various length and content. I was thinking about making some kind of template, but can’t decide. It feels like cheating, though a lot of creators are using this technique.

I am not Austin, but I still believe that I will be able to keep this promise. (One of the things Ali Abdaal advice is to make public commitment. The other advice was to put money in the game ei “Give your friend a check for 100$ and tell them that when you will not finish the challenge, they can keep the money.”) I am not such a hazarder. I chose public commitment. So here it is. It starts today, November 11th. In five months –> April 11th I will be back with results. Yes, everyone is making challenges from the beggining of the month. But what’s the fun in that?

There are so many things I really like to talk about. And usually nobody listens when I do. So here I am making my presence online. Jeez that feels like I am writing an online diary in 2008. My expectations are really low but if there is something I would love to get better in, it is written English. We will see what will happen.

See ya in a few days

– 🐝 (read like Bee.. like saBEE)

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Sabee says hi,

I'm a designer, student and bunch of other stuff. I like to do things the other way but I guess I have the right... I am an artist after all. 

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