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Why I make content in English

Usually when I can’t decide on something, I make a pro/con list. Of course it never actually works. But I still do it anyway from unknown reasons.

So when I was making my website I was deciding whether to make it in English or in my native language (Slovak). If you are reading this you probably think “yes, she decided for English.” Nope I did not. I actually started everything in Slovak and then after a while translated whole website in English. Sometimes I have second thoughts…maybe will translate it back again. When I was blogging in Slovak (the 3 blog posts to be precise) I had some people reading. Now I have no one, but it can be setting of website. And maybe by English just sucks, but who cares? I am training it in there. Hope that the 50th blog post will be better.

I am not a native speaker, I don’t even have C1 in English so are you asking why on earth would you do it?

  • I just wanted to try

  • Also get better in English

  • And a thing that I honestly hate about my country is that everything that is famous here is like “funny and humor” but usually the fake one. Gameplays and fashion.

  • There are some really good things in Slovak or Czech but when it actually is interesting, I read or heard about it already in English. Few years ago.

Nobody in the whole country is making content I would be genuinely interested in. I was like “Yes! I am gonna be the first one!” BUT… the reason why there is no one making interesting content is because people in our country don’t want any. The most famous things are low-brainers. Most of them are made for exactly what people want after 8 hours of work. Come home and stare at nothing. Look at something cheerful, easy and stupid.

After this realization I swipe away the tears and started to write in English. Yes it will be harder to come with something new in language that giant part of the world understands, the competition is strong. But I actually don’t need big audience. I just want to meet people who like the same things as I do. They are not around, so I went to the internet to find them.

The other thing is, I as a representative of my age group don’t google things in Slovak. I google in English. Everything all the time unless its how to pay taxes or things that just don’t exist in other countries. And that is it.

So if you are deciding between English and Spanish, it is reasonable to consider Spanish. But here I was uselessly waiting, while the right answer was there all the time.

Nice day, -🐝

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