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Why you should do photography

If you are on the route, or just prefer listening instead of reading here is whole article read by me:

Photography was an art field I avoided for a long time. I was telling to myself that I don’t have to do EVERYTHING. For a few years it went good. I honestly don’t remember the breakpoint but there I was with new camera in hands and heart full of hopes.

Earrings photography
My picture of earrings

If you want to see more of my photos, check here.

1. Photography is great

Of course it is something else, when your income is depended on it. I just did it for fun a little while and then started selling my services as a product photographer. Taking photos of products is much better than taking photos of people. You know, they don’t speak, look at you, or feel embarrassed. You just put it where you wish and then there it waits until you make the photo.

2. You need very little to start

Photography is great in the terms of start. There is so much budget friendly ways how to do it, and like a zillion tutorials everywhere. You basically explore the world via the camera lens. Nobody judges you (maybe your parents if they payed for the camera). You can start only with your phone (but what’s the fun in that right?). I just wanted… you know “the real” camera because it feels so much better. Btw holding “professional looking” camera can get you to a lot of places (wink). But of course if you don’t want to spend money in the beginning, phone is a way to go.

3. You can learn basic principles in minutes

And train them (and your eyes) for years. But still it’s worth it. The fact, that you can make things look nice on photos can help you in many ways. Starting from just selling old clothes on ebay, to presenting yourself online for your future employer or promoting your airbnb. With my art background it felt native to just start seeing composition, emotions of the photo and color theory. And when you take photos with DLSR somehow everything looks nicer.

There are gazillion tutorials for photography bases. Skillshare courses, pinterest boards (here is mine), youtube videos (Sorelle Amore has amazing videos for self-portraits) or whole youtube channels dedicated to photography. (Peter McKinnon, Fstoppers, Pat Kay or Mango Street)

Of course the real photographers, people who understand the deeper meaning of it and learned the history are now tearing their hair when I say “photography is easy”. Actually it is not. But it is easy to start. The circle of gratification is much faster than for example in drawing. You don’t have to be a genius to take a good photo even with automatic settings (please learn how to do it manually it is much more fun) and anyone can do it. (unless you are my mom but every gadget in this world hates her so it’s okay)

I would wrap it up with “if you want to make photos go for it”

– 🐝


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Sabee says hi,

I'm a designer, student and bunch of other stuff. I like to do things the other way but I guess I have the right... I am an artist after all. 

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