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How I Improved my art style

An idea for this article came out right after i watched this video from Kelsey Rodriquez. She says you can basically teach yourself to draw the way you always dreamt. So I tried. And I have to say I got much more than “dream artstyle” out of this excercise.

Step 1.

I collected my favourite artists, things i would really enjoy making (instead just stuff I like to look at) and I made it a pinterest board. The main field I focused on was illustration.

Step 2.

I made a list of things that the artworks have in common and found patterns. In my case it was: strong lines, cartoons, stylized, soft womenish but also funny and light vibes, motives of books, tea, coffee, halloween, magic, fantasy spaces, vintage/old looking, simple shading. You can also look on colors or composition.

Step 3.

I used the list to improve my own artwork by trying to copy from all the things I love at the same time. It was really fun and I enjoyed the process. You can see results here or here.

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Sabee says hi,

I'm a designer, student and bunch of other stuff. I like to do things the other way but I guess I have the right... I am an artist after all. 

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