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On the cliff far away where fogs are cutted and well prepared for the night there lays a town. It is a weird town indeed with weird people and weird not-so-people. It is Parafogs.

Parafogs postcard
Illustrated Character

Mr. Balthazar

Old vampire Mr. Balthazar the Wise has lived in Parafogs most of his too long life. But now he is worried because new vampires came across the most odd behaviour. They do wear strangely tight pants and shirts with the most awful patterns. Most of the time when he speaks nobody listens because they have ugly slick white buttons in their ears. Poor Mr. Balthazar indeed…





Walter is everything that Mr. Balthazar hates about younger vampires. He wears strangely tight pants and shirts with patterns. Walter also doesn’t listen when Mr. Balthazar speaks because he has slick white buttons (Runetech headphones) in his ears. Walter comes to work here in Unicafé - the most famous cafe in Parafogs. He is running the greatest business of all - dating website for vampires from there. You should come for coffee it is really… unique

Illustrated Vampire
Illustrated Coffee


Unicafé is the most famous cafe in Parafogs. Have you tried their unicatte already? If not you should. It has this secret ingredient … but about that later

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