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Creative Challenges

First Challenge (my own) :

As part of the KISk challenges, I decided to increase the creativity and digital skills of my colleagues through a course on Adobe Illustrator with me as the teacher. At the beginning, we set individual goals together and created our personal "inspiration boards" with visual ideas and concepts that my colleagues would like to incorporate into their work.

We created a relaxed environment where creativity was free to flourish and each participant had the opportunity to express their own artistic style. We worked towards individual development and improvement of Adobe Illustrator skills through fun and inspiring challenges.

Our challenge, which is still ongoing, allows us to track the progress and growth of each individual. Halfway through the process, we've seen significant progress and interest from participants in improving their skills in digital art. Discussions and collaboration among peers are enhancing the learning experience, suggesting a positive outlook for the remainder of the challenge.

This creative initiative not only strengthens digital skills, but also fosters the creation of a community where we inspire and support each other.

Second Challenge - Choose some AI tool and use your creativity

I decided to pick chat GPT and told him to write me a poem about a Mushroom who went on a hike and never came back in style of Dr. Seuss poems. Here is what it came up with:

In a forest not so far, in a land quite unique,

Lived a mushroom named Marvin, a fun little sneak.

With a cap bright as rubies and spots white as snow,

He wiggled his stem and decided to go.

On a hike, yes a hike, through the woods wide and deep,

Where the ferns gently whisper and the willows weep.

"I'll go on an adventure!" he exclaimed with a cheer,

"I'll be back by the dusk, you have no fear!"

But Marvin the Mushroom, oh, he wandered far,

Past the giggling brook and the old wishing star.

He trekked through the meadows, where the daffodils sing,

And danced with the shadows that the moonlight would bring.

He met with a rabbit, who wore glasses so fine,

And a bird that recited most curious lines.

He joined a small picnic with ants in a line,

And tasted their dishes of pinecone and thyme.

The stars then appeared, a magnificent sight,

But Marvin realized it was deep into night.

"I should head back," he thought, with a bit of a sigh,

"But oh, all these wonders just can't be passed by!"

So he ventured still further, where the wild things roam,

In a world full of magic, far away from his home.

And though he's not returned, the forest folk say,

Marvin's still on his hike, just wandering away.

In whispers and rumors, his story's been spun,

Of the mushroom who left for a hike in the sun.

And if you listen close, when the night's calm and stark,

You might hear the laugh of Marvin, out there in the dark. I also decided to put a prompt for this poem into Adobe Illustrator AI and let it generate a picture for this poem. Here is the result:

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised about how it worked out. The visual as a graphic design I can’t judge in a positive way. There are still some improvements to be made. However I am much worse at writing poems and this one is pretty cute and imaginative for me.

Third Challenge - Play an educational video game you never have before and write a review:

As a UX designer, I turned to Grasshopper to understand coding basics, crucial for my role. The app excels in making learning JavaScript, a key programming language, both engaging and straightforward. Its game-like puzzles are fun and introduce coding concepts progressively, aligning well with the problem-solving aspect of UX design.

However, while Grasshopper lays a solid foundation in coding principles, it's just a stepping stone. It's perfect for grasping the basics but doesn't venture into advanced programming. As a UX designer, this means I gain valuable insights into coding but not enough to build complex applications or write extensive code.

In short, Grasshopper is a great starting point for UX designers to familiarize themselves with coding. It's fun and educational but more of an introductory tool than a path to programming proficiency.


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Sabee says hi,

I'm a designer, student and bunch of other stuff. I like to do things the other way but I guess I have the right... I am an artist after all. 

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