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Reflection on Subject: Data Visualization

As I continue my reflective journey, the spotlight now shifts to "Data Visualization." This subject opened my eyes to the data side of visuals, a perspective that was quite new for me. Let's explore the reflections on what, so what, and now what unfolded in the realm of visualizing data.


I always understood the power that visuals wield, but the data perspective was almost entirely new to me. It was a bit of a shock when the professor applied a reality lens to the data we encounter almost daily—data that, crucially and unfortunately, often get misinterpreted by us, our parents, and even our grandparents.

So What:

This course made me more aware of the manipulation of data around me. I started paying closer attention to how I present collected data. The assignment involving hand-drawn data representation was particularly valuable; it's been ages since many people around me held colored pencils in their hands.

Now What:

I aim to continue applying my critical view of visually represented data. While I can say I've somewhat fulfilled this point since taking this course two semesters ago, the absence of subjects for reflection didn't allow me to dive deeper. Nonetheless, I'm determined to carry forward this perspective and apply it to future data-related endeavors.


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Sabee says hi,

I'm a designer, student and bunch of other stuff. I like to do things the other way but I guess I have the right... I am an artist after all. 

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