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What have I learn from NANOWRIMO

I tried NANOWRIMO. I did it in August, because it was the only free month I had, but it was amazing experience.

nanowrimo post from JS Wordsmith
nanowrimo post from JS Wordsmith

If you have never heard about it, NANOWRIMO is shortcut from National Novel Writing Month. Basically it is a challenge of writing, yes you hear it right – you write your novel in one month. First draft in size of 50 000 words in 30 days. And yes I did it, so can you.

Here is what I learnt:

1. I am capable of writing crazy amount of words

Now when I hear we should write 13 pages long essay, I am just like “pfff easy.” I feel much more confident with amount of stuff that my fingers are able to produce. (The quality of these is something different, but that is another story)

2. Don’t care about the outcome just write as much as you can

It is easier said than done. But somehow I managed it. I didn’t have school, so after work me and my computer ended up in bed and good things happened. There is amazing book written just for NANOWRIMO, No plot? No problem helped the most in the process. I have to say I have never drank so much coffee like during NANOWRIMO but I really felt like a writer, you know coffe mug, glasses and summer rain outside.

3. Not everything you do, should go out

I am not sure what I am going to do with the book. Like it was not the point why I started, to have something to rewrite and publish. I just wanted to see what will happen. The book is there, waiting for my further attention.

4. Lessons on writing

I have learnt so much things, while doing research on how to write outline of the book! Creating deeper characters, making scenes and dialogs real and much more. I think this will need its own blog post. (I am gonna do it in a while)

5. Writing in cafes is awesome, but

can get you broke. Of course it depends where do you live and where you drink your coffee. But two coffees a day, 5-6 times a week. And cake because I don’t want to just sit there with half a cup of coffee right. Plus the tip and we are on not so good amount of money.

I made this. 50 000 words. Amazing isn’t it. I still cant believe i did. But overall NANOWRIMO was great experience and I enjoyed the characters and making up the story and also writing the last dot above this all.

So if anything, take this from my post: go and start writing. Now.

– 🐝

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