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The Perfect Notebook Troubles

I don't know how about you guys, but this keeps happening to me all the time.

The main trouble is that these are things that exist:

1. Sketchbook

I think there is no need to explain this point. You draw in it, done. Btw if you wanna check some really great sketchbook-ers? (not sure how to say it) here are some of my favourites: Austin Kleon (his sketchbooks are mix of drawings, and collages), Mike Lowery (he has a class on skillshare just about sketchbook-ing), Grickle (not exactly sketches, but his insta posts have the sketchy vibe).

2. Journal/Diary/Writer's Notebook

Journals and journaling got really popular in few last years. Or to be precise they were always popular, but somehow got more or less used in everyday life. I mean it's kinda funny that we are all getting so surprised and amazed by something our ancestors did for years. Anyway journals or writer's notebooks are really nice thing, but for me it's missing the drawing part the same way the sketchbook is missing the writing part.

3. Commonplace Book

There is an explanation of Commonplace Book in this wiki page. But shortly it was a book where people in the old times (particularly during Renaissance) kept notes, proverbs, aphorisms, quotes, letters, poems, prayers and recipes ...

I need is a sweet mixture of all these things

What I would need is something like a mix of these things. It doesn't exists yet, neither has a name (or at least I don't know about it). Something that not only keeps things that happened (like a diary) or is fully written text (like a journal or writer's notebook) or is fully drawings (like a sketchbook) or is fullfilled only with thoughts of someone else or things that already exist (like a commonplace book). I need to put in drawings, my ideas, captions of the day, long texts of my truths, only some of which actually happened. You can say I don't need a name for something I want to do. And you are probably right. But I always kept thinking about naming things that doesn't have a name yet so I will continue.

Thanks for reading, - 🐝

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