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Reflection of Subject: Seminar for Thesis 1: Foundations and Methodology

Continuing my exploration, the next stop in the reflection journey is "Seminar for Thesis 1: Foundations and Methodology." This subject not only delved into the practicalities of creating an online portfolio but also provided a unique perspective on how to approach and shape our thesis research. Let's delve into the details of what, so what, and now what unfolded during this seminar.


Creating an online portfolio emerged as a brilliant idea, offering a space for self-presentation and personal expression. It's a cost-effective way to learn about self-presentation, and more importantly, it provides a slice of the internet where you can share your thoughts with classmates. While I may not dive into the portfolios of my peers to read their understanding of shared subjects, the real value lies in the additional elements portfolio infuse—fun, creativity, enthusiasm, or insights into other projects. This aspect, coupled with the fact that it's integrated into the university curriculum, adds a distinctive and valuable dimension to the learning experience. Unlike my previous field of study, where obtaining insights into the study program was challenging, here, the KISK provides a transparent view of the learning journey, allowing potential students to grasp the essence of the program and connect with current students.

So What:

Beyond the portfolio creation, the seminar provided well-prepared materials for our thesis research. Multiple professors shared insights into their respective fields, guiding us on how to align our research with their expertise or within their specific topics. This exposure significantly contributed to clarifying my path toward deciding on a thesis topic.

Now What:

Moving forward, armed with a clearer understanding, I am committed to going beyond my initial ideas and researched topics. This seminar has motivated me to delve deeper and cast a broader net in my exploration, ensuring a more comprehensive and informed approach to selecting and shaping my thesis topic.


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Sabee says hi,

I'm a designer, student and bunch of other stuff. I like to do things the other way but I guess I have the right... I am an artist after all. 

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